Friday, March 11, 2011

"Many Years After" by D. Graham Copeland is Online

Yesterday, the University of South Carolina Libraries Digital Collections made available online the book Many Years After, A Bit of History and Some Recollections of Bamberg with Appendix of Data Concerning a Few Bamberg County Families and their Connections by D. Graham Copeland.

Click here to see it.  

I am thrilled!  Seeing it all from the comfort of my desk chair sure beats bending over a microfilm reader at the South Caroliniana Library! 

When you click "View Book" from the link above, it opens a viewer.  Browse the column to the left for chapter headings.  Test the different views available in the line above the image.

Edited 5/2/2011 to add:  "The Reeds and Their Connections" chapter is on pages 379-385. 

Click on "View" in the left column to see a drop-down menu.  If you select "complete print version," it will download a PDF of the entire book! (664 pages and 128 MB) 

Please keep in mind a couple of important points.

1)  This book is a source, not a verification.  I believe it is fabulous, but it remains a "jumping off point," a place to guide you to information that still needs to be verified through other sources.

2)  If you use any parts of this book, please remember to mind your copyright manners.  Give credit where credit is due, not just to Graham Copeland, but the USC libraries as well.

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