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Verifying Information: Malcom Clark

Name:  Malcom spelled his name M-A-L-C-O-M  C-L-A-R-K on most of the plats he signed as a surveyor.  On a few it is spelled "Malcolm" and/or "Clarke."  (Of course, when searching online for information about him, you will usually see it spelled "Malcolm."  Be sure to use all spellings for the most thorough search.)
Source:  South Carolina Department of Archives and History website

Birth:  I have seen no absolute verification proving where or when he was born.  It has been generally accepted that he was born in Ireland about 1730.  But was he?

Possible Arrival in America:  1768.  Two Clarks were on the passenger list of the The Snow Betty Gregg which sailed out of Larne, Antrim, Northern Ireland October 4, 1767, and arrived in Charlestown before February 2, 1768. No first names are given.  While it is quite possible that these Clarks were Malcom and his son Hugh, it is not definite. 
Source:  South Carolina Ships' Lists by Betty Proctor

Occupation 1771-1774:  Surveyor.  Images of some of the plats he surveyed dated 1771-1774 are available at the SC Dept. of Archives and History website. 
Source:  South Carolina Department of Archives and History website

Property in 1774:  On October 25 and 26, 1774, surveyor Thomas Platt wrote two plats for Malcom 's own land "in Orangeburgh District situate on the South Side of the South Fork or Prong Edistow River."
Source:  South Carolina Department of Archives and History website

Public Service in 1775 and 1776
1775 - Justice of the Quorum for Orangeburgh District.  (page 248*)  (A Justice of the Quorum exercised notarial rather than judicial duties.)
April, 1776 - Nominated by the General Assembly and commissioned by President Rutledge as a Justice of the Peace for Orangeburgh District. (page 265*)
Source:  *The History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina (by A. S. Salley, Jr., 1898, R. Lewis Berry, Printer, Orangeburg, SC). Click here to see this book in its entirety on Google Books.
1783 - Justice of the Peace for Orangeburgh District.  (Published in South Carolina Weekly Gazette on 29 Mar 1783 and 12 Apr 1783.) 

Residence in 1778:  Orangeburg District, South Carolina
Source:  Jackson, Ron V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.. South Carolina Census, 1790-1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 1999.

Death:  About 1785 as evidenced by the auction of his land and possessions in March, 1786, in accordance with his last will and testament
Source:  Advertisement in Columbian Herald, Columbia, SC, on March 20, 1786

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