Friday, September 28, 2012

The OTHER Samuel Reed in South Carolina

Frankly, folks, I get quite dismayed every time I still see George Reed and Abigail Leger listed as parents of our ancestor Samuel Reed.  Despite all the secondary sources you can find that might make you believe it (other family trees, DAR applications, Manning Files, etc.), good evidence proves that it simply is not true.

The death dates of the two Samuel Reeds with the good sources we have should be the easiest way to tell that these Samuels are not the same.  Our Samuel died in 1823 (his will being recorded 14 Nov 1823 in Barnwell County, SC).  According to the other Samuel's Revolutionary War record, he died twenty years later in another state!  Would you not call that undeniable proof? 

Cover card of the Other Samuel's war record states "Born in Penn. Son of George."

My source?  The other Samuel Reed's (son of George) quite detailed Revolutionary War record at the National Archives and available to us through (formerly and  Check it out if you can.  It really is fascinating reading. 

This other Samuel's timeline found over and over in this record: 
  • 1749 - Born on January 26 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to George Reed
  • 1762 - Moved to Rowan County, NC and then on to South Carolina with his parents when he was 13 years old
  • 1775 - Enlisted in militia and served in the Revolutionary War for about six years under his father, Colonel George Reed, and others
  • 1790 Census - "Capt Saml Reed" living in Abbeville County, SC
  • He remained in South Carolina until about 1800 or 1806 when he moved to Georgia. 
  • 1832 - His war pension of $20.00 a year was executed on September 25 when he lived in Gwinnett County, GA
  • 1840 Census - Living in Gwinnett County, GA
  • 1840 - Moved to St. Clair County, Alabama, after the death of his wife to live with his children
  • 1843 - Died on February 8, most likely in Alabama

We genealogy researchers of 2012 are very, very fortunate to be able to find most of this information without even getting up from our desks.  Time was, however, that researchers wrote letters to the archives to try to find out information about their ancestors.  The archivists were usually diligent (as well as patient) in their responses.  Here's a copy of one such response that sums it all up quite well. 

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Who were our Samuel's parents?  To date, I've seen several other supposed parents of our Samuel Reed, but I have seen ZERO evidence to convince me.  Have you any evidence?

OUR Samuel Reed was born in Ireland around 1751.  He was still in Ireland when his son Hugh was born there in 1783.  (Source for Hugh's birth date is his tombstone.  Source for his birthplace is the 1850 census.)  Our Samuel shows in the 1800, 1810, and 1820 censuses in Barnwell County.  He died in Barnwell County in November 1823, per the recording of his will on 14 Nov 1823.

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