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Margaret Reed and Newport Head Had At Least Five Daughters

Last week, I received images of a document that provided some rich information on the daughters of Newport Head and Margaret Reed (a daughter of Samuel and Mary Clark Reed).  (Many thanks to Judy Womack!)

The document was a case in the Chancery and Equity Courts of Barnwell County, South Carolina dated 4 Jan 1851.  (Box 15, Group 30  - Margaret Head & Margaret Head Jr et al vs W.R. Halford S.B.D et al 01-04-1851)   I will give the full document at the end of this post.  For now, let's focus on this excerpt:  

It names “the said Elizabeth Head, Margaret Head the Younger, Mary Lott (wife of William Lott) and Jane Odom (wife of Thomas Odom) are the daughters of the said Margaret Head the Elder (the wife of Newport Head) and that the said Rebecca Lott is the daughter of one Ellen Lott who is now dead and who was in her lifetime the daughter of the said Margaret Head.” 

All the trees I could find on Ancestry (even mine) had only three daughters for Margaret and Newport Head, listing the eldest daughter as “Mary Ellen”  followed by Jane and Elizabeth Ann.  After some digging, I found daughter Margaret and her husband Levi McClendon. 

Ellen Head Lott, Rebecca’s mother referred to in the document, eluded me. 

Rebecca could be found in the 1850 census living with the preacher’s family next door to her grandparents Margaret and Newport.  In 1860, she was living with these grandparents. 

My next step was to ask around.  Cousin Josie Reed stepped up to the plate once again.  (Thank you so much again, Josie!)  Here’s what she found: 

From the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research (SCMAR), South Carolina Baptist Marriages and Deaths, 1835-65 (1848 issue)  "Died, on the 12th of May last, in Barnwell District, in the 23rd year of her age, Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth Lott, daughter of Mr. N. Head, and consort of Mr. S. Lott....member of Blackville Baptist Church."  

Rebecca’s mother was Ellen Elizabeth Lott, and her father was “S. Lott.”  Josie found a Samuel Lott in the 1850 census living nearby.  Could this be Rebecca’s father? 

Looking further, I found that Rebecca married her second cousin George L. Hartzog, son of Ann Clark Reed and John Andrew Zeigler.  Ann Clark Reed was a daughter of Hugh Reed and Jane McSpeddon.  On the death certificates of several of Rebecca’s children, we learn that her middle name was Margaret and that George’s middle name was Louis.  

The daughters were:  

Mary Head - born abt 1822, died unknown; married William Emory Lott born abt 1815; died unknown.

Ellen Elizabeth Head - born abt 1825, died 12 May 1848; married S. Lott.

Jane Head - born 20 June 1827, died 24 May 1900; married Thomas Odom born 21 Aug 1817, died 17 Jun 1891.

Elizabeth Ann Head - born 23 Feb 1833, died 13 Feb 1920; married John Shannon McClendon born 18 Dec 1830, died 7 May 1904.  Both are buried in Odom-McClendon Cemetery.  

Margaret Head - born abt 1834, died 21 Sep 1915; married Levi McClendon. 

All these answers lead to more questions, but isn’t that the way it goes in this genealogy game?  Will we ever have all the answers this side of heaven?  I surely hope not.  I’m enjoying the game!   

Last week I entered the Odom-McClendon Cemetery on Find-a-Grave from the list in The Barnwell Cemetery Books.  (Click here to see.)  I learned a lot figuring the relationships of the people buried there.  I also came to believe that this was where Newport and Margaret Reed Head are buried (although I have no absolute proof).  More on all this later. 

As promised, here is the full document. 
Chancery and Equity Courts of Barnwell County, South Carolina dated 4 Jan 1851.  (Box 15, Group 30  - Margaret Head & Margaret Head Jr et al vs W.R. Halford S.B.D et al 01-04-1851)
(Click on images to enlarge.)   

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