Monday, March 28, 2011

How Many Samuels Do You Have?

On my tree, I count seven Samuel Reeds and four others with different last names who were named Samuel Reed.  
  1. 1751-1823 - Samuel Reed, husband of Mary Clark 
  2. 1795-1847 - Samuel Reed, son of Samuel and Mary 
  3. 1810-1887 - Samuel Reed, son of Hugh and Jane McSpeddon Reed 
  4. 1826-1862 - Samuel James Reed, son of #2 above and Elizabeth Boylston
  5. 1829-1864 - Samuel Reed Boylston, son of #1's daughter Mary Reed and Austin Boylston
  6. 1835-1848 - Samuel Reed Waters, son of #1's daughter Jane Reed and Jonathan Thomas Waters
  7. 1846-1889 - Samuel Elijah Reed, son of #3 above and Matilda Willis
  8. 1862-1924 - Samuel Reed Boylston, Jr., son of #5 above and Elizabeth Rebecca Riley
  9. 1874-1874 - Samuel S. Reed, son of James William Reed (son of Hugh) and  Anna Rebecca Tyler Reed
  10. 1882-1918 - Samuel Elijah Reed, Jr., son of #7 above and Emma Warner
  11. 1885-1849 - Samuel Reed Copeland, son of Ida Reed and William Riley Copeland (Ida was a daughter of James Henry and Mary Cook Reed, granddaughter of John and Julia Odom Reed, great-granddaughter of Samuel and Mary)
Other Samuels on the tree who descend from Samuel and Mary:  
  1. 1823-1890 - Samuel J. Hartzog, son of Rebecca Reed (daughter of #1 above) and Henry Bernard Hartzog 
  2. 1825-1899 - Samuel Ledwick Hair - son of Lavisa Reed (daughter of #1 above) and David Hair 
  3. 1840-1912 - Samuel Prioleau Chisolm, son of Adella Ursula Reed (daughter of #3 above) and Samuel Prioleau Chisolm (granted, he was named after his father) 
  4. 1848-?? - Samuel Powell Cooper, son of Alice Ann Reed (daughter of #2 above) and Clark Columbus Cooper 
  5. 1853-1853 - Samuel Capers Milhous, son of Cyrena Reed (daughter of Hugh) and William Capers Milhous 
  6. 1858-?? - Samuel E. Ray, son of Martha Jane Reed (daughter of #3 above) and Hugh Charles Ray 
  7. 1860-?? - Samuel Hutchins Still - son of Ellen Rebecca Rebecca Hair (daughter of Lavisa Reed and David Hair) and Samuel Hutchins Still (yes, named after his father)
  8. 1880-1894 - Samuel Lemuel Hair - son of David Furman Hair (son of Lavisa Reed and David Hair) and Irene Sophora Addison
And, although he's not a descendant, it is interesting to note that the first name of the father of Jane McSpeddon (Hugh Reed's wife) was Samuel!  

Surely these are not all.  If you have any I've missed, please let me know!

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