Friday, October 30, 2009

Malcom Clark Appointed Justice in 1783

This week I found yet another reference to Malcom Clark that I had not seen before. It was published in the South Carolina Weekly Gazette on 29 Mar 1783 and 12 Apr 1783.

"In the House of Representatives. March 18,1783.
O R D E R E D,
That the List of Justices for the State of
South Carolina, be published in the Gazettes.
By Order of the House,
John-Sandford Dart, C. H. R.
A List of JUSTICES for the State
of South Carolina"

Justices of the Quorum and Justices of the Peace are then listed by district.

Under the Heading "Justices of the Peace for Orangeburgh District" is the name "Malcome Clarke."

Also listed under Orangeburgh is Charles Myddleton, the executor of Malcom Clark's will who advertised in the Columbian Herald the sale of Malcom's estate held April 6, 1786.

The gap between Malcom's listing on the 1778 census and the sale of his estate in 1786 just narrowed by 5 years!

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