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"Hartzog Cemetery" - Hartzogs and Much More

Will Miller is undoubtedly one of my favorite in-laws. No, he didn’t marry one of my siblings, but he is related to the Hartzogs in our tree. His great-great-grandmother Anne Catherine Hartzog was sister to Henry B. Hartzog who married Rebecca Reed (daughter of Samuel and Mary). I first met him online in April 2009. Through him I’ve made even more significant contacts. The information he shares is abundant and always reliable. And this week, he has contributed the location of a cemetery I’ve been hunting for quite some time!

Will was born “about the time WWII
started,” as he says, in Denmark, SC. He lived with his grandmother in Springfield for the duration of the war. In third grade, he moved to Columbia where he lived until he entered Clemson where he graduated with a BS in Forestry in 1964. After a stint in the Air Force, he worked for the SC Forestry Commission in the Spartanburg and Greenwood areas. In the 1970s he moved to Southern Brick and continues today to work for one of its owners.

He and his wife Marie, who grew up in Mt. Pleasant, live on Lake Greenwood. They have a daughter and two granddaughters in Columbia and a daughter in Summerville with a grandson. When Will started working on genealogy in the mid 1990s, he found so much erroneous information on the internet that he resisted using it much except for e-mails. Not too long ago he subscribed to Ancestry, which he states has been a great help. Will is currently trying to rescue the cemetery near Sweden, SC, where Henry and Anne Catherine Hartzog’s parents John and Ann Margaret Felder Hartzog are buried.

When Will visited this cemetery, he was fortunate to have a friend who could unlock the gate at the road to the site. “We went down a long dirt road where the gate was and then had to go down another dirt road for a long way to get to the cemetery. Unfortunately, it started raining hard and I didn't get to do anything but walk to the cemetery though a bunch of 15-20 ft. pines to where the cemetery was. It was located in among much larger trees.”

The location of this cemetery is significant. (Click images to enlarge.)

The red marker is where the cemetery is. +33° 24' 19.16", -81° 10' 51.21" OR 33.405321, -81.180892

#1 is the Samuel Reed House. +33° 23' 35.39", -81° 11' 49.94" OR 33.393164, -81.197206

#2 is Hugh Reed’s family cemetery. +33° 23' 58.98", -81° 12' 17.88" OR 33.399717, -81.204967

#3 is the Snake Branch mentioned in Elizabeth Boylston Reed’s will as the plantation on which she lived (the one that Samuel I left to Samuel II in his will). +33° 24' 21.60", -81° 10' 19.20" OR 33.406000, -81.172000

A satellite view shows the dirt roads Will traveled. (Click to enlarge.)

This closeup shows the rows of cultivated pine trees and the clump of larger trees where the cemetery is.

Will says that this is called the Henry B. Hartzog cemetery. I have heard it referred to as the Hartzog Cemetery, too. In Barnwell County Cemeteries, Volume III, page 6, it is called the “Boylston, Crum, Eaves, Hartzog, Reed, Waters Cemetery!”

The following people are buried here:
  • Eaves, Jackson – d 22 Sep 1849, age 32 years, 9 months, 24 days; husband of Ellen Hartzog Eaves, married 18 Jul 1839
  • Eaves, Ellen E. – b. 4 Dec 1820, d. 16 Nov 1874; daughter of Henry and Rebecca Hartzog; wife of Jackson Eaves
  • Eaves, Ervin H. – b. 4 Dec 1842, d. 14 Aug 1861; son of Jackson and Ellen Eaves
  • Eaves, Furman J. – b. 4 Dec 1842, d. 16 Sep 1862; son of Jackson and Ellen Eaves Note: Ervin and Furman were twins and share a headstone. On the stone is written “Both were members of the 1st Regt S.C.V.”
  • Hartzog, Wyatt – d. 22 Jun 1862, at age 30; son of Henry and Rebecca Hartzog
  • Hartzog, Lavisa Isabel – b. 1 Aug 1843, d. 3 Nov 1871, daughter of Henry and Rebecca Hartzog
  • Hartzog, Rebecca C. – b. Dec 1798, d. 16 dec 1871 at age 73, married 10 Feb 1814; daughter of Samuel and Mary Clark Reed; wife of Henry Barnard Hartzog
  • Hartzog, Henry B. – b. 9 Jan 1791, d. 20 May 1846; son of John and Margaret Felder Hartzog; husband of Rebecca C. Reed
  • Hartzog, George F. L. – d. 9 Nov 1863 at age 23; son of Henry and Rebecca Hartzog
  • Hartzog, Vastine – d. 1 Sep 1834, at age 3; son of Henry and Rebecca Hartzog
  • Hartzog, Margaret – d. 6 sep 1819, at age 4; daughter of Henry and Rebecca Hartzog
  • Hartzog, John George Washington – d. 14 Aug 1819 at 10 months old; son of Henry and Rebecca Hartzog
  • Hartzog, Mary – d. 20 Oct 1817; daughter of Henry and Rebecca Reed Hartzog
  • Hartzog, Cornelius C. – d. 28 May 1864, at age 36; son of Henry and Rebecca Hartzog
  • Boylston, Joseph F. – d. 22 Jul 1846, at age 13; son of Austin and Mary Reed Boylston
  • Reed Cynthia E. – d. 17 Apr 1842, at age 8; daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Reed
  • Reed, Darling F. – d. 17 Apr 1842, at age 5; son of Samuel and Boylston Reed
  • Reed, Samuel – d. 26 may 1847, at age 52; son of Samuel and Mary Clark Reed; husband of Elizabeth Boylston
  • Reed, Elizabeth B. – d. 4 May 1853, at age 56; daughter of George and Alice Boylston, wife of Samuel Reed
  • Culler, Georgianna Reed – d. 23 Nov 1852 at age 21; daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Reed; wife of W. W. Culler
  • Waters, Jane – d. 4 Jan 1856, at age 67; daughter of Samuel and Mary Clark Reed; wife of Jonathan Thomas Waters
  • Waters, Jonathan Thomas – d. 24 Sep 1844 at age 58 years, 8 months; husband of Jane Reed Waters
  • Waters, Samuel R. – d. 6 Sep 1848 at age 13; son of Jonathan and Jane Waters
  • Babers, John Thomas – b. 27 Oct 1848, d. 12 Dec 1852; son of William and Ann Waters Babers (Ann Babers was daughter of Jonathan and Jane Reed Waters)
  • Babers, Daniel Montague, b. 28 Feb 1852, d. 7 Oct 1853, son of William and Ann Waters Babers
  • Watson, Eugenia Ann – d. 18 Aug 1853, at age 4 years, 7 months, 7 days; daughter Of B. R. and Mary Watson (Ben and Mary Watson were neighbors of the Waters, Hartzog, and Eaves families in the 1850 census. So far, I have been unable to determine any relation to our family.)
  • Crum, Rebecca Alma – b. 2 May 1866, d. 26 Sep 1868; daughter of John Wesley and Rebecca Ann Hartzog Crum (Rebecca Ann Hartzog was a daughter of Henry and Rebecca Hartzog.)
  • Graves 2, wooden head markers, no inscription
  • About 6 depressions that are possible graves
  • Barnwell County Cemeteries, Volume III, Oct 2007, Aiken-Barnwell Genealogical Society, Aiken SC, pp. 6-7 (If you are interested in ordering these cemetery list volumes, click here for ordering information. .)
  • A list with annotations by Josie Reed (who received the list from Al Brodie). Once again, many thanks, Josie!

I am intrigued by the unmarked graves, and have spent some time speculating as to who could be buried there. There are several of our folks whose graves we have yet to find, not the least of whom are Samuel and Mary themselves. My 3gGF John and his sister Lavisa Reed Hair also come to mind. Keeping in mind that we are simply speculating, who do YOU think might be buried here? And do you suppose there’s any possible way we will ever find out for sure?

Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on these questions.

Many, many thanks to Will Miller for sharing his wealth of knowledge with me, especially information for this post.

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