Monday, August 03, 2009

Hugh Reed Family Cemetery

When the estate of Hugh Reed (son of Samuel and Mary) was settled in September, 1854, provision was made for a family graveyard:

"It is stated that the last named tract of 333 acres is the home place tract having thereon the family graveyard and it is recommended that in the sale of said tract two acres be reserved for said graveyard together with a right-of-way also be reserved for road leading from the Charleston Public Road to the graveyard, a distance of about 100 yard."

When the lands were sold in February, 1855, "the 333-acre tract with graveyard and R/W reserved, [were sold] to James W. Reed for $1495.00. The decree confirming said sales (which were public sales) specified the two acres be reserved as a burying-ground for the Hugh Reed family and their descendants, and same be reserved from said sale together with said Right-of-way."

The full proceedings can be found here.

In November 2008 my son Ian and I found this cemetery. It is exactly where it should be according to the provision above. However, it did require some searching in the woods to find it!

This picture was taken about halfway to the graves. The red spot through the woods (if you can even see it) is my car parked beside the road. (Click on images to enlarge.)

The Graves of Hugh Reed and Jane McSpeddon Reed

Lists for this Cemetery
To view a pdf with a list of graves in this cemetery and notes from our cousin Josie Reed, click here. Then you can print or save it by clicking on "More" in the upper left corner. Josie was given this list by Al Brodie of Wagener, South Carolina.

Our cousin Sharon Crowley has done some extensive work on with 230 memorials (graves) and 216 photos posted to date. Click here to see her list from this cemetery and here to see her entire list.

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