Friday, June 26, 2009

Sharing Our Pictures, Letters, Documents

These are the pictures that got me started on this genealogy journey. (Click to enlarge.)

They are my great-great-grandparents James Henry Reed and Martha Cook Reed. The information you see written on them was the oldest I had when I started. The handwriting is my Grandfather Reed's. Grandmother Reed told me James's middle initial was H. And that's it!
I remember the afternoon in the late 1970s when Grandmama and I sat down and went through her old pictures. They were just stuck in a box way back in a closet. She asked me to keep them in a nice big album I had. No problem! I was happy to. I felt honored.

I scan everything I can get my hands on and post pictures on PhotoBucket for all to see and use. Click here for a link to my PhotoBucket albums.

See the list of albums to the left. Some even have sub-albums. When you open an album, I recommend using the "grid" feature towards the upper right. After you click on that, click on the first photo, and it'll show them larger with the full captions (usually). If it doesn't show the full caption, just hold your pointer over the comment, and it will show a box with the full comment. Navigate with the arrows on each side.

I like PhotoBucket. And it's FREE. There are other free sites for sharing your photos. comes to mind.

Let's Get Sharing!
If you use a photo site you would like to share, let us know! If you don't, consider starting one.

If you have family photos (or letters or documents) you would like to share through this blog, please let me know. I'll be happy to help you share them!

This morning I ran across a very good site for information on sharing, organizing, and preserving photographs and documents. It's called and has a wealth of helpful information. Please take some time to check it out.

The site is extremely well done - the best, most inclusive site I've seen yet regarding this subject. As they say on their homepage: "With some basic knowledge, guidance, and inspiration, it is easier than ever for families and community historical societies to organize, preserve/archive, and creatively share their most valued photo and document images."


  1. Would the difference in the Celtic pronouncation and the spelling in America be different.Also on the Manning Files ,the 1880 census might clarify the number of children fo Samuel. Some of the children listed are nephew,niece and grandaughter and this migght lead to the conclusation that he had 14 children.

  2. Joseph refers above to Samuel Reed b. 1810, d. 1883 Mar 1887, who was a son of Hugh Reed and Jane McSpeddon. We have been communicating this week about them.

    The 1880 census for this Samuel does indeed list grandchildren, a nephew, and others. None of his children lived with him by that time. They had either left home or were deceased.

    To the best of my knowledge, these were the 13 children of Samuel Reed and Matilda Willis:
    Cyrena K. Reed 1832-1893
    Martha Jane Reed 1834-1905
    Anna Reed 1836-1902
    Emeline Antoinette Reed 1838-1864
    Robert Hugh Reed 1841-1851
    Ellen F. Reed 1842-1900
    Elliott Reed 1844-
    Samuel Elijah Reed 1847-
    Adella U. Reed 1848-1876
    Matilda Rosa Reed 1852-
    Jerome Reed 1853-1908
    Tullie Washington Reed 1856-1910
    Susie Reed 1858-1860

    The Manning Files had 14 children listed. They had incorrectly listed Samuel Elijah Reed twice as Samuel Reed, Jr., and Elijah S. Reed.

    As to your question about the Celtic pronunciation of Reed, I have no knowledge of this. Can you give us more information or point us in the right direction to find more information? Or, maybe another reader may have an answer.

  3. ok, so i am pretty sure adella reed was my great-great grandmother.

    my great-great grandfather was samuel prioleau chisolm who was married to an adella reed.

  4. Hi, Hailey, Thanks for commenting! Yes, Adella, daughter of Samuel & Matilda Willis Reed was married to Samuel Chisolm. From which of their children do you descend? Isn't it fun figuring out this stuff?!