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Michael Joshua Reed (1851-1924) and Some of His Descendants

Michael "Mike" Joshua Reed was the fourth of 13 recorded children of James William Reed (1827-1901) and Anna Rebecca Tyler (1828-1882). 

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Michael Joshua Reed and Mary Alice Fanning Reed abt 1920

Michael Joshua Reed and Mary Alice Fanning Reed abt 1890

Ladies L-R:  Nina Maroney, Lula Emma Fogle, Myra Johnson, Christine Hair.  Men, L-R: Dallas, Clayton, [Unsure], James, and [Unsure].

The four daughters of MJ Reed and Mary Alice Fanning: 
Lula Emma Reed Fogle, Myra Cornelia Reed Johnson, Christine B. Reed Hair, and (seated) Nina Beatrice Reed Maroney.

George Arthur "Buck" Reed (28 Jan 1893 - 21 Aug 1963) 
married Florence Barton (1896-1966). 

Obituary from used with permission
Christine Beatrice Reed (14 Dec 1903 - 8 Nov 1956) 
married B. Frank Hair (1901-1982).

 Myra Cornelia Reed (18 Dec 1911 - 17 Nov 1985) 
married Clarence Gary Johnson (1912-1972).

 Lula Emma Reed (20 Sep 1898 - 6 Aug 1973) 
married James Sumter Fogle (1890-1970).

Nina Beatrice Reed (16 Oct 1890 - 19 June 1962) 
married Purvis Oscar Maroney (1874-1938).

Clayton Rivers Reed (14 Oct 1894 - 5 Dec 1970) 
married Annie Hallman (1913-1987).  

Michael Dallas Reed (6 Jun 1907 - 26 June 1968)

James Joseph Reed (1 Jun 1902 - 29 Mar 1979) 
married Myrtle Lee Stephens.  

Addie Acbarias Reed (6 Nov 1876 - 30 Jan 1963) 
married Maggie L. Pou (1883-1969).  

Children of Nina Reed Maroney:  
Evelyn Maroney Morgan (1917-2003), 
John P. Maroney (1921-1975), 
and Evelyn Maroney Toole (1925-2004)

John Arthur "Johnnie" Reed (1922-2001), 
son of George Arthur "Buck" Reed 

Obituaries from The Augusta Chronicle (through and The State (through Richland County Public Library) are used with permission.  

Many, many thanks to Roger Ganis of Charleston, SC, and his mother Annie Mae Fogle Ganis (daughter of James S. and Lula Reed Fogle) for their kindness in sharing their photographs. 

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